Online question: What are the advantages of weightlifting?

Got this one in my inbox earlier this week and my first thought was: an easier question would be, “What are the downsides to weightlifting?”, because there really aren’t any. You can say that I’m biased, but let me make my argument first. Here was my reply…

Here’s a quick rundown of a few: There’s the obvious advantages of being stronger, but let’s talk about what that actually means to real life. It means you are more capable. All the physical things you “have to do” just got easier. Strength has the greatest carry over to all other physical skills, so a few intelligently applied hours a week really will have a tremendous positive impact on your life.

Another additional benefit is decreasing injury susceptibility. Everyone thinks of strength training as making muscles stronger/bigger, but a properly applied strength program will increase bone density & strengthen ligaments & tendons. So far we have do more, with less chances of injury. I’m in!

But it doesn’t stop there. Assuming you’re eating halfway decent, strength training will have a positive effect on your hormone profile and will help with your overall mood. Here’s a study that shows a progressive resistance training helping older adults with depression. Ok, do more, less injuries, and happier!?! GREAT NEWS!

If you still need another reason, here you go; It’s good for your brain. A study out of the Georgia Institute of Technology showed that as little as 20 minute a day had an average 10% increase in the memory of healthy young adults.

So to review; more capable, less breakable, happier, and smarter. Have I convinced you yet? Either way, I’mma go move something heavy!