The Top 3 Things You Need to Get into Shape.

The Top 3 Things You Need to Get into Shape.

P90xgymThere are a few questions that Fitness Pros get consistently that are bitter sweet. Sweet because people are expressing interest in bettering themselves, bitter because they are a reminder of how far most people are pulled away from the truth. One of the ones that I love/hate is, “What do I need to get into shape?”

If you’ve ever asked this, you are in luck… Let me tell you about a REVOLUTIONARY NEW PRODUCT THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!

No no no… Nope…Β It’s much simpler than that.

Here is your list of priority needs:

  1. You need to make a decision that you will change before anything else will change.
  2. You need to start learning about nutrition.
  3. You need to start learning how to use the most important piece of equipment you have: Your body.

That’s it. That is all you NEED. Look, there are tons (literally) of things you can add after that. Truth told you probably will gain some fitness toys (as most new hobbies carry with them) but none of them are ‘needs’. IF I were to add additional equipment, it would be ‘Get some Kettlebells or a suspension trainer’, but it would still be number 4. But with each new piece of equipment you will have more to learn so DON’T be in a hurry to fill your life with more things.

Main point, make the decision. Beyond that, you need to seek knowledge.

More to come.

Keep being you.